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AMCoR (Asahikawa Medical University Collection and Research) is a database of published electronic intellectual products (published manuscripts, teaching material, academic papers) from this university. The database is essentially free to the public.

Most of the papers in AMCoR have already been published in academic journals by commercial publishers or academic societies. The version that appears in the AMCoR may differ in layout or wording from the published version, depending on the copyright policy of the publishers.

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icon_article Intestinal cestodes
伊藤, 亮 . Craig, P
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases.20,5(2007.Oct),p.524-532
can read pdf file.
icon_article Intra-abdominal desmoplastic small round-cell tumorの1例
稲岡, 努 . 山田, 有則 . 高橋, 康二 . 花岡, 秀人 . 峯田, 昌之 . 廣田, 初音 . 油野, 民雄 . 徳差, 良彦
can read pdf file.
icon_article Intracisternal injection of orexin-A prevents ethanol-induced gastric mucosal damage in rats
奥村, 利勝 . Yamada, H . Tanno, S . Takakusaki, K
Journal of Gastroenterology.42,5(2007.May),p.336-341
can read pdf file.
icon_article Intranasal immunization with lipoteichoic acid and cholera toxin evokes specific pharyngeal IgA and systemic IgG responses and inhibits streptococcal adherence to pharyngeal epithelial cells in mice
原渕, 保明 . Yokoyama, Y
can read pdf file.
icon_article Intrinsic electronic superconducting phases at 60 K and 90 K in double-layer Yba_2Cu_3O<6+δ>
本間, 龍也 . Hor, PH
Physical Review B.75,1(2007),p.012508-1-012508-4
can read pdf file.
icon_article Involvement of corneodesmosome degradation and lamellar granule transportation in the desquamation process
山本, 明美 . Kishibe, Mari
Medical Molecular Morphology.44,1(2011.Mar),p.1-6
can read pdf file.
icon_article Involvement of MEK-ERK signaling pathway in the inhibition of cell growth by troglitazone in human pancreatic cancer cells
本村, 亘 . Tanno, S . Takahashi, N . Nagamine, M . Fukuda(Sawamukai), M . Kohgo, Y . Okumura, T
can read pdf file.
icon_article Involvement of oxidative stress in Alzheimer disease
布村, 明彦 . Castellani, RJ . Zhu, X . Moreira, PI . Perry, G . Smith, MA
Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.65,7(2006.Jul),p.631-641
can read pdf file.
icon_article IOL挿入眼の後部硝子体剥離
石子, 智士 . 門, 正則 . 廣川, 博之 . 吉田, 晃敏
can read pdf file.
icon_article Iron facilitator LS081 reduces hypoxia-inducible factor-1α protein and functions as anticancer agent in hepatocellular carcinoma.
田中, 宏樹 . Zhen, Li . Katsuya, Ikuta . Lynda, Addo . Hiroaki, Akutsu . Masao, Nakamura . Katsunori, Sasaki . Takaaki, Ohtake . Mikihiro, Fujiya . Yoshihiro, Torimoto . Jonathan, Glass . Yutaka, Kohgo
Cancer Science.103,4(2012.04),p.767-774
can read pdf file.
icon_article Ischemic Preconditioning Effect of Prodromal Angina Is Attenuated in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients With Hypertensive Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (前駆症状である狭心症の虚血性前処置効果は高血圧性左室肥大がある急性心筋梗塞患者では減弱する)
竹内, 利治 . Ishii, Yoshinao . Kikuchi, Kenjiro . Hasebe, Naoyuki
Circulation Journal.75,5(2011.4),p.1192-1199
can read pdf file.
icon_article Isolated iliac artery aneurysm caused by fibromuscular dysplasia: report of a case
熱田, 義顕 . Inaba, M . Goh, K . Azuma, N . Akasaka, N . Asada, H . Uchida, H . Tokusashi, Y . Miyokawa, N . Sasajima, T
Surgery Today.33,8(2003.Jul),p.639-641
can read pdf file.
icon_article Isolation of the human ePAB and ePABP2 cDNAs and analysis of the expression patterns
佐久川, 直子
can read pdf file.
icon_article Isoleucine, an Essential Amino Acid, Induces the Expression of Human β Defensin 2 through the Activation of the G-Protein Coupled Receptor-ERK Pathway in the Intestinal Epithelia
金野, 陽高 . Ashida, Toshifumi . Inaba, Yuhei . Ito, Takahiro . Tanabe, Hiroki . Maemoto, Atsuo . Ayabe, Tokiyoshi . Mizukami, Yusuke . Fujiya, Mikihiro . Kohgo, Yutaka
Food and Nutrition Sciences.3,4(2012.04),p.548-555
can read pdf file.
icon_article Jaffe's Triangleの形成に必要なこと骨・軟部腫瘍診断・治療との35年間
松野, 丈夫
can read pdf file.
icon_article JICA “Human Resources Development in Maternal and Child Health”Course Training ?Effectiveness of the fieldwork of community maternal and child health activities in the North Hokkaido Area? JICA「母子保健のための人材開発事業」研修北北海道地域における地域母子保健活動のフィールドワークの有効性
藤井, 智子 . 北村, 久美子 . 杉山, さちよ
can read pdf file.
icon_article JICA「アフリカ地域 地域保健担当官のための保健行政」コース
吉田, 貴彦 . 北村, 久美子
can read pdf file.
icon_article JICA「アフリカ地域地域保健担当官のための保健行政」コース〜受け入れ2年目を終えて〜
藤井, 智子 . 北村, 久美子 . 吉田, 貴彦
can read pdf file.
icon_article JICA地域別研修 「アフリカ地域 地域保健担当官のための保健行政」コース 〜受け入れ4年目を終えて〜
北村, 久美子 . 吉田, 貴彦 . 藤井, 智子
can read pdf file.
icon_article JICA母子保健コースの研修について
黒田, 緑
can read pdf file.
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